‘Memory as a test case for distributed cognition’ (64 mins)
Edinburgh-based History of Distributed Cognition project.


Transactive memory and distributed cognitive ecologies (47 minutes)
Summer School ‘Web Science and the Mind’, Université du Québec à Montréal

Collaborative memory and distributed cognitive ecologies (53 minutes)
Colloquium at the Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning and Cognition seminar series, University of Sydney, October


Self-representation and perspectives in dreams (6 minutes)
Video abstract for our paper in Philosophy Compass


John Sutton: philosophy meets cognitive science
Macquarie University MQTV video interview,  April.

The disunity of ‘memory’ (87 minutes)
Keynote as Visiting Fellow at the launch of the Warwick Centre for Memory Studies, December

Radio & Podcasts


Distributed ecologies of remembering (53 mins) Podcast with Paul Leworthy on the Connecting Memories Podcast


Is technology taking over your mind?
Brief discussion with Patricia Karvelas from RN Drive on smart technology and extended mind – where the does the mind end and technology begin?


John Sutton interview
Such That Cast philosophy podcast with Johnny Soraker, March.

Spracherwerb und Gedächtnis bei Ludwig Wittgenstein
Austrian public radio with Marlene Nowotny, 5 September on Ö1 Radio


Remembering Together
All in the Mind, ABC Radio National, May, with Lynne Malcolm.

Extending the Mind (with Richard Menary and Rob Rupert)
The Philosopher’s Zone, ABC Radio National, March, with Joe Gelonesi,


The Extended Mind (with Richard Menary)
The Philosopher’s Zone, ABC Radio National, October, with Alan Saunders.


ABC Radio Statewide Drive with John Morrison, October.


Interview on Chris Laidlaw’s Sunday show, Radio New Zealand, August.


The Philosophy of Cricket
The Philosopher’s Zone, ABC Radio National, October, follow-up live interview on ABC 702 Evenings with James O’Loughlin, November.


Early memories and dreaming (with Doris McIlwain)
Life Matters, ABC Radio National, September and November, with Richard Aedy, Natasha Mitchell, and Julie McCrossin.

History and Truth
2-SER, with Katherine Biber, Marnie Hughes-Warrington and David Myton, September


Animal spirits: the mind in history
Writer, producer, presenter for Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio National, All in the Mind, 27 April 2003. Transcript


Ghost in the Machine
Weekly community radio show on Eastside Radio 89.7FM in Sydney, winner of the 2002 Media Prize of the Australasian Association of Philosophy. Highlights included the following interviews:

  • Jack Copeland on the history of computing
  • Marina Warner on ectoplasm
  • Alison Bashford on detention and contagion in Australian history
  • Elizabeth Wilson on Alan Turing and Enigma
  • Mary Spongberg on the history of smells
  • Rod Brooks on robotics and smart dolls
  • Lawrence Norfolk on his novel In the Shape of a Boar
  • Kate Stevens on choreographic cognition.


Three pieces on the history of memory
Millennium programme, ABC Radio National.



Interview for the blog Imperfect Cognitions
Vox. 23 December 2016


Why objects can be more meaningful gifts than experiences
Vox. 23 December 2016


Collaborative Memory
Interview blog for Project PERFECT (Birmingham)


Truth, Memory, and the Trial of Oscar Pistorius
Amanda Barnier, John Sutton, and Misia Temler, The Conversation, 11 April, republished in the New Zealand Herald, 14 April.

Distorted Memory
Interview blog for Project PERFECT (Birmingham)

Shutter Bugs
Sydney Morning Herald. 24 February.

From mat to bat, yoga gets an innings at cricket training
Sydney Morning Herald. 23 February.


Animal spirits
William Sutton & John Sutton, Fortean Times, 219, February, 50-53.


The Secret Life of John Sutton
Macquarie University News.


The powder of sympathy
William Sutton & John Sutton, Fortean Times, 198, July, 42-46.


Making Sense of Memory
Jane Mundy, Macquarie University News, January, p.17.

Outstanding Teacher Award.
And Gladly Tech, Macquarie University teaching magazine, February, p.2

The recording sponge. [FORUM: fantastic media]
William Sutton & John Sutton, Fortean Times, 171, June, 56-57


I process binary opposites therefore I am
Alex Craig, Black + White 36, April, pp.24-26

Plumbing the Cartesian Wells
David Myton, Campus Review, September 20-26, p.6.