Public talks (select)


  • ‘Sustaining elite performance: emotional skills and the mental game’, invited talk for Cricket Australia new professional players’ induction camp, Brisbane, August
  • ‘Inclusive practices in academic hiring’, Inclusive Research Network meeting, Macquarie, June


  • ‘Emotional skills and the mental game in Australian professional cricket’, invited talks to ACA (Australian Cricketers’ Association) player agents meeting, SCG, February, and to Cricket Australia/ ACA enterprise bargaining negotiators, Melbourne, April


  • ‘Sparking off each other: science in the wild’ (with Doris McIlwain), research support talk, Maintaining Relations with Research Partners, Macquarie, July


  • ‘Beyond the Brain: memory in science and culture’
    The Centre for Human Aspects of Science and Technology (CHAST), University of Sydney, Sydney, October
  • ‘Beyond the Brain: embodied and distributed memory’
    Colloquium at the Blackheath Philosophy Forum, Blue Mountains, NSW, June


  • ‘Self, Body, and Memory’
    Symposium on Art, Emotion, Identity, for the exhibition ‘The Naked Face: self-portraits’, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, February.


  • ‘On memory and truth’
    Colloquium at the Blackheath Philosophy Forum, Blue Mountains, NSW, July.


  • ‘Memory, Habit, and Movement’
    Panel member Is There Thought Without Language (in Art)?, with J.M. Coetzee, University of Western Sydney, August.


  • ‘The Arts of Memory’
    The Philosophy interest group of the NSW Psychiatry Association, University of Sydney.

Public philosophy


  • Panel member with David Papineau on The Yips, along with Steve Crook of Northamptonshire and MC Daniel Norcross, at Words and Wickets, Wormsley, September
  • ‘Collaborative Cognition: the philosophy and science of teamwork’
    Philosophy lunch, the Universities, Union, and Schools Club in Sydney, May.
  • ‘Collaborative Cognition: the philosophy and science of teamwork’
    Nerd Nite Sydney with Amanda Barnier, March.


  • ‘Coordination and Teamwork: lessons and puzzles from sport’
    Colloquium at the Media Lunch, Sydney, September


  • At Movies at Macquarie session on Inception
    (with Doris McIlwain), September
  • Philosophy in Film night on Memento
    University of Wollongong, September


  • Celebration and memorial for Charlie Martin
    University of Sydney, March


  • ‘Intersecting Worlds: the intersecting worlds of science and society’
    National Science Week 2006, hosted by the Ultimo Science Festival, August.


  • ‘Children’s Dreams’
    2nd Tuesday Philosophy Forum, Crows Nest Community Centre, Sydney.


  • ‘The Philosophy of Dreaming’
    2nd Tuesday Philosophy Forum, Crows Nest, Sydney, August.


  • ‘Problems with Presentism’
    Workshop on historiography for high school history teachers, Macquarie University, July.


  • ‘Connectionism, culture, and cognition’
    Hard/Soft/Wet: Artificial Life, dLux Digital Media Art/ Powerhouse Museum, ‘Futurescreen 2000’ program, Sydney, October.

Book launches


  • Ian Bedford’s novel The Last Candles of the Night, with Ross Poole
    Gleebooks, Sydney, June.


  • Richard Menary’s book Cognitive Integration: mind and cognition unbounded (Palgrave)
    University of Wollongong, June.


  • Max Deutscher’s book Judgment After Arendt (Routledge)
    Gleebooks, Sydney, August.