Book Reviews


‘Electric Sheep: the myths, constructs, and integrity of memory’. Review of Alison Winter, Memory: fragments of a modern history. Times Literary Supplement 5722, November 30.

Review of Sven Bernecker, Memory: a philosophical study. Analysis 72 (1), 181-4.


Review of Carl Zimmer, Soul made Flesh: the discovery of the brain. Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 42 (3), 298-299.

Review of Stefano Franchi & Güven Güzeldere (eds.), Mechanical Bodies, Computational Minds. Philosophy in Review/ Comptes Rendus Philosophiques XXVI, 420-422.


Review of Joseph Tabbi, Cognitive Fictions. Metapsychology (online mental health book reviews)

Review of Dennis Des Chene, Spirits and Clocks: machine and organism in Descartes. British Journal for the History of Science 36 (2), 233-235.

Review of J. Wright & P. Potter (eds.), Psyche and Soma: physicians and metaphysicians on the mind-body problem from Antiquity to Enlightenment. Australasian Journal of Philosophy 81, 142-144.


Review of Dennis Des Chene, Life’s Form: Late Aristotelian conceptions of the soul. Metapsychology

‘Learning to Love’. Review of Richard Allen, David Hartley on Human Nature. Times Literary Supplement 5162, 8 March.


Review of Michel Jouvet, The Paradox of Sleep: the story of dreaming, and Patricia Cox Miller, Dreams in Late Antiquity. Journal of the History of the Neurosciences 10 (3), 355-358.

‘Grottoes or Aviaries?’ Review of Douwe Draaisma, Metaphors of Memory: a history of ideas about the mind. Times Literary Supplement 5152, 28 December.

Review of Jerry Fodor, The Mind Doesn’t Work That Way: the scope and limits of computational psychology. Metapsychology, February.

Review of Don Dedrick, Naming the Rainbow: colour language, colour science, and culture. Philosophy in Review/ Comptes Rendus Philosophiques XXI, 106-9.


Review of Janice Haaken, Pillar of Salt: gender, memory, and the perils of looking back. Metapsychology, June.


‘No More Folk Tales’. Review of Paul and Patricia Churchland, On the Contrary: critical essays, 1987-1997. Times Literary Supplement 5029, 20 August.

Review of Elizabeth A. Wilson, Neural Geographies: feminism and the microstructure of cognition. Philosophy in Review/ Comptes Rendus Philosophiques XIX, (4) 299-301.

’Prodigies and Portents’. Review of Lorraine Daston & Katherine Park, Wonders and the Order of Nature, 1150-1750. Times Literary Supplement 5001, 5 February.


Review of Andy Clark, Being There: putting brain, body, and world together again. Metascience (New Series) 7, 90-95 (in symposium, with Cliff Hooker, Naomi Quinn, Gerard O’Brien, and author’s response).


Review of Georges Canguilhem, A Vital Rationalist: selected writings of Georges Canguilhem, F. Delaporte (ed.). British Journal for the History of Science 30 (1), 101-3.


’Uncanny Innards’. Review of Jonathan Sawday, The Body Emblazoned: dissection and the human body in Renaissance culture. Metascience 9, 179-182.


‘The Cruelty of Reason’. Review of Kenneth Craven, Jonathan Swift and the Millennium of Madness: the information age in Swift’s A Tale of a Tub. Metascience 6, 183-5.

‘History, Language, and Mind’. Review of Graham Richards, Mental Machinery: the origins and consequences of psychological ideas, part 1:1600-1850. Metascience 5, 147-150.

Book Notices
I have also published 24 book notices – short reports of 300 to 1000 words on new books, two for the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, the rest in my capacity as Human Sciences editor for the international review journal Metascience, between 1995 and 1999. The notices include books by John Campbell, Peter Carruthers, Rosalyn Diprose, Jan Goldstein, E.J. Lowe, Gregory McCulloch, Paolo Rossi, and Timothy Williamson. Please email me for a list or copies of these reports.