Keynote, invited, and upcoming



  • ‘Confusion and Mixture: The Historicity of Memory’
    The Internal Senses in the Aristotelian Tradition, 
    Gothenburg, June
  • ‘Sharing cognitive futures (and pasts): small groups and shared histories’
    History and Philosophy of Science
    Research Day, Sydney, October.
  • ‘Ten questions for cognitive history: small groups and autobiographical memory’
    Psychology, Biography, History, 
    Workshop, Canberra, November.


  • ‘Interdisciplinarity and cognitive history: animal spirits, memory, and emotion’
    Methods Collaboratory, ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of EmotionsSydney, September. 


  • ‘Dimensions of group cognition’
    Thinking About Groups
    conference, Center for Subjectivity Research, Copenhagen.
  • ‘Distributed cognitive ecologies of memory’
    Memory and the Power of Connectivity: Imagining What Might Be
    , Templeton Foundation workshop with Daniel Schacter, New York, June.


  • ‘Remembering as public practice: Wittgenstein, memory, and socially distributed cognition’
    36th International Wittgenstein Symposium: Mind, language, and action. Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria, August.
  • ‘Switching and mixing: The flexibility of perspectives in memory, imagery, and dreams’
    2nd Milan-York Workshop on Nonperceptual Sensuous States
    , Milan, June.


  • ‘Scaffolding, distributed cognition and compensation’
    Scaffolding Memory Across the Lifespan
    , Memory Day workshop, Sydney, November.


  • ‘Embodied Cognition in the time of Shakespeare: ghost gestures and anachronic traces’.
    Annual Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America (SAA)
    , Chicago, April. Plenary symposium on Shakespeare and the Extended Mind.
  •  ‘The Disunity of “Memory”‘
    Keynote, Memory Studies Center, Lewis and Clark College, Portland,
  • ‘Early Modern Memory Practices: explorations in cognitive history’
    Crossroads Visiting Lecturer
    , Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS), University of North Carolina, March.


  • ‘Collaboration, Improvisation, and Embodied Interaction: after the philosophy of mind?’
    Keynote, Australasian Postgraduate Philosophy Conference, Sydney, April.


  • ‘The Disunity of “Memory”‘
    Visiting lecturer, keynote, Warwick Centre for Memory Studies, December.


  • ‘Imagery and point of view in dreams and personal memory’
    Melbourne Brain & Mind Club
    , Howard Florey Institute, Melbourne, September.
  • ‘Embodied skills, social ontology, and the cognitive life of things’
    Keynote, 8th conference of the Australasian Society for Cognitive Science, Adelaide, July.
  •  ‘How things (and people) develop a cognitive life (together): transitional objects and instructional nudges’
    RANZ College of Psychiatrists,


  • ‘Remembering together: is there a social ontology of memory?’
    Minds, mobs, and memories: themes in Pettit
    , Sydney, November.
  • ‘The neurophilosophy and neuropsychiatry of dreaming’
    6th International Congress of Neuropsychiatry
    , Sydney, September.
  • ‘The cognitive life of things’
    Extended Mind 2: just when you thought it was safe to go back in the head
    , Hertfordshire, July.
  • ‘How to share a memory’
    Self to Self: the work of David Velleman
    , Canberra, April.
  • ‘Construction and influence in autobiographical memory’
    Chemo-prophylactic Drugs in the Treatment of Traumatic Stress
    , Academy of Social Sciences workshop, Melbourne, February.


  • ‘The cognitive life of things: external memory and social memory in early modern culture’
    Inhabiting the Body/ Inhabiting the World,
    University of North Carolina, March.
  • ‘What is memory?’
    An Integrated Science of Memory: are we there yet?,
    McDonnell Foundation workshop, San Diego, January.


  • ‘Language, memory, and concepts of memory: a case study in cognition and culture’
    Cross-cultural Linguistics and the Semantics of Memory,
    Sydney, November.
  • ‘Representations and levels in distributed cognition and integrational linguistics’
    Distributed Cognition and Integrational Linguistics
    , Durban, March.


  • ‘Truth and memory’
    Proof and Truth: The Humanist as Expert,
    Australian Academy of the Humanities, Canberra, November.
  • ‘Mechanism, physiology, and complexity in Descartes’
    International Descartes workshop,
    Brisbane, September.


  • ‘Nervous fluids and innards’
    Albrecht von Haller Lecturer, International Society for the History of the Neurosciences conference, Zurich, September.
  • ‘Carelessness and inattention: chance and the physiology of habit from Locke to Hume’
    Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities,
    Edinburgh, September.
  • ‘History and moral physiology’
    Origins of Modernity
    , Hong Kong, April.